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Marketing Features Vs. Benefits

Learn the difference, and then see the difference in your bottom line.

When Print Advertising Isn't Enough

Expand your advertising portfolio by including TV ads.

Kathy J. Kobliski

Fishing for Customers

Reel in clients with these helpful marketing tips.

Kim T. Gordon

Meet the Neighbors

Attract new customers by jumping on the welcome wagon.

Joan Stewart

Beat the Competition

High quality and sound marketing work as well as lowering your prices.

Kim T. Gordon

Business In Demand?

How to evaluate whether there's a need for your business

Kim T. Gordon

Marketing E-Coaches

These sites will help you catapult to higher sales.

On Target?

Top prospects change as your business changes. Here's how to fine-tune your marketing message so it hits home year after year.

Kim T. Gordon

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

You missed the advertising deadline for your chosen medium. Now what do you do? Here's how can develop a plan to attract clients.

Kim T. Gordon

Budgeting Promotions

Becoming a household name is difficult when you have a shoestring budget. Our Public Relations Expert has a few cost-saving tips to help you make a name for yourself.

Joan Stewart

Attracting Customers

Use your business's assets to bring in more clients.

Kim T. Gordon

Do Tell

How to woo and win your hottest prospects-referrals

Kim T. Gordon