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Improve Your Mail Order Results

Not sure how many catalogs you should be sending? Try doing a test run first.

Kim T. Gordon

Marketing Expert Frederick Newell

How do you take database marketing to the next level? Customer relationship management.

Laura Tiffany

Using Your Strengths

What marketing methods are best on a limited budget? Here is a four-step program that'll improve your marketing results.

Kim T. Gordon

Web Site

User-friendly resources to help you communicate more effectively

Direct Hit

Looking for more customers? Our Marketing Expert helps you put together an effective marketing plan to help you expand your client list.

Kim T. Gordon

Final Words

Dispelling three sales and marketing myths

Kim T. Gordon

Birds Of A Feather

Viewsonic's LITEBIRD DLP XGA projector

Making News

How an anniversary contest can make your business the talk of the town

Joan Stewart

Spreading the Word

Don't quite know how to reach your customers? Our Marketing Expert shows you how to find them.

Kim T. Gordon

Identity Crisis

Our Marketing Expert reveals why you should think twice before changing your business name.

Kim T. Gordon

One-Man Show

Our Marketing Expert shows you how to set up your own marketing program.

Kim T. Gordon

It Figures

Resource for statistics and market data

Karen Solomon