Millionaires In Space

Jeff Bezos succeeded: NASA suspends Elon Musk's contract with SpaceX due to demand from Blue Origin

The return of humans to the Moon is on hiatus until the controversy between NASA, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin and Elon Musk's SpaceX is resolved.

Jeff Bezos sues NASA for awarding contracts to Elon Musk's SpaceX and not Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are not giving up on the crusade to conquer space and are now suing NASA alleging irregularities in giving the lunar landing project to SpaceX from Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Plans to Send Humans to the Moon Before 2024

Musk's SpaceX is closer to starting Starship's suborbital testing.

The Boy Who Went Into Space With Jeff Bezos Has Never Shopped at Amazon

Oliver Daemen became the youngest person to travel to space, but he has never shopped on the platform of the person responsible for his feat.

One million people signed up to participate in the tourist trip to the Moon

This was announced by Yusaku Maezawa, who was the first to pay for the trip aboard a SpaceX Starship rocket.