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Samsung Could Be Considering a Management Shakeup

Electronics giant under pressure from cheaper Chinese device makers, Apple's iPhone.

Why Hasn't Samsung's 'Tizen' Operating System Taken Off?

Is there really room for a third mobile operating system after Apple's iOS and Google's Android? For years, Samsung has thought so -- but it has yet to deliver.

Super-Speedy 5G Mobile Network Slated to Kick Off at the 2018 World Cup

Huawei and leading Russian carrier Megafon are honing the technology in the run-up to the 2018 games.

In a Catch-22, This App Rewards People for Setting Down Their Phones

A trio of Singaporean entrepreneurs just won $30,000 in funding for an app called Apple Tree, which is designed to encourage face-to-face interaction.
Inspiring Your Team

5 Technology Roadblocks Costing You Great Talent

You want to be able to hire the best employees, but these shortfalls could cause the best candidates to not look your way.

Soon, Almost Everyone Over the Age of 6 Will Have a Mobile Phone: Report

The report by communications giant Ericsson also stated that mobile growth is happening the fastest in India and China, with video comprising the largest segment of data traffic.

Nokia Revives the Brand With Launch of iPad Lookalike

The 'N1' comes just six months after the company sold its ailing phones and devices business to Microsoft for over $7 billion.
Personal Health

A Fitbit for Your Employees' Emotional Health? It's Already Happening.

The companies behind the program are hoping that, in the long run, Moodhacker can cut down on costs related to depression and increase workplace productivity.

This Is How Millennials View Work (Infographic)

A new survey explores how the increasingly influential generation sees their contributions to the working world.
Privacy Concerns

Justice Department Is Using Planes to Gather Data Cell Phone Data on Americans

It is reportedly using using fake communications towers on airplanes to collect data from thousands of mobile devices.

BlackBerry Recruits Major Partners in New Mobile Solutions Push

The company unveiled its new mobile-device management and security platform, and hopes new wide-ranging partnerships will bolster its capabilities.

Mobile Game Startup Scopely Raises $35 Million

The goal is to produce new titles and invest further in building out the technology behind its games distribution network.
Business Moving Forward

Apple Wants to Expand Its Footprint in the Workplace

In an apparent effort to offset a gradual deceleration in growth, Apple is pushing hard to win more corporate clients.
Content Strategy

Your Content-Delivery Strategy Can't Start and End at Mobile

Focusing on only one experience can quickly lead to your marketing becoming outdated.

From ICQ to AIM to WhatsApp: The Rise and Fall of Instant Messenger Apps (Infographic)

IM apps have 4ever altered how we communicate. Countless messaging tools have come and gone in the 18 years since they first debuted. Which ones will stand the test of time?