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Speech Input, GPS Make Mobile Search Smarter

Speech-based search apps and services such as ChaCha, Microsoft's Tellme, and Yahoo's OneSearch cater to the needs of people on the go.

· 4 min read

10 Killer Texting Tricks

Text messaging isn't just kid's stuff anymore. Use these amazing online tools to turn any SMS-capable phone into a productivity powerhouse.

· 11 min read

A Mobile Future

The new technology of smartphones offers huge potential for entrepreneurs.

Steve Cooper

· 5 min read

Coming From Asia: The Next Cool Cell Phones

GPS, electronic compasses, and new software will soon let our phones show us around town.

Dan Tynan

· 3 min read

Apple Doubles Storage Capacity of iPhone, iPod Touch

Apple has doubled the capacity of both its iPhone and iPod Touch allowing new customers to spend $100 more and get twice the storage for music, movies, pictures, and podcasts than available with previous models.

· 2 min read

Apple Hit with iTunes Lawsuit

What would a week in the tech-world be without another questionable lawsuit against Apple?

· 2 min read

Google Goes Mobile

Dominant Web-search and advertising company is poised to rock the cell-phone industry.

· 4 min read

What Google's Mobile OS Will Do for Your Next Cell Phone

When will you be able to buy a Google phone? We'll answer your questions about everything about Android, the Google phone, and the Open Handset Alliance in this evolving FAQ.

Tom Spring

· 10 min read

Travel Accessories for the iPod and iPhone

These add-ons for Apple gadgets, for the plane, car, and hotel room are cool--but are they worth the money?

James A. Martin

· 6 min read
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Bite Into an iPhone

Apple's foray into cell phones could make you drool.

Steve Cooper

· 2 min read

Swap Out Your Cell Service

Cell service not what it was cracked up to be? Set yourself free.

Mike Hogan

· 2 min read