News and Trends - Page: 690

Smartphone Apps Fuel Business Growth

Attract new customers and increase revenue with a niche application.

Diana Ransom

'Caller ID' for Your Website

New technologies let you target prospects with an engaged-marketing response--just beware privacy laws.

John Arnold

Envy is Good

The HP Envy laptop--fast and hot

Dan O'Shea

Unify the Message

Toshiba offers up a unified messaging solution aimed at helping small businesses sort it all out.

Jason Ankeny

Even More in Sync

Ford gives its popular Sync platform an upgrade.

Bonds Worth the Investment

Broadband bonding patches together a bigger pipe with a price tag sized for small business.

Dan O'Shea

The Touchscreen Divide

Do you prefer actual keys or have you adapted to the virtual way? Two entrepreneurs square off.

Meet Your New Office Mates

An app that maps out quiet, comfortable workplaces for mobile workers

Dan O'Shea

Wi-Fi, Mano a Mano

Imagine a world where using Wi-Fi doesn't mean sacrificing security. It could happen.

Dan O'Shea

A Community of One's Own

Why social CRM may make more sense than Facebook

Tame the E-mail Beast

The research is overwhelming. Constant e-mail interruptions make you less productive, less creative and--if you're e-mailing when you're doing something else--just plain dumb.

Joe Robinson

My Smartphone Sent Me

How savvy businesses are finding customers on Foursquare, Twitter and Meetup

Gwen Moran