News and Trends - Page: 704

What Can Muni Wi-Fi Do for Your Biz?

Tune in to the opportunities citywide Wi-Fi projects bring.

Amanda C. Kooser

Hot New Market: Online Worlds

Should you take your business to the virtual world?

Gwen Moran

Are You Up for a Vista Upgrade?

These tech pros will help you determine if an upgrade to Microsoft's Windows Vista is right for you and your company right now.

Self-Destructing Messages

This message will self-destruct.

Amanda C. Kooser

Hold a Teleconference Anywhere

In your car, at your hotel, in the airport, at a trade show--this little gadget will let you hold a teleconference just about anywhere.

Mike Hogan

Small Business Takes On IM

Instant messaging is gaining favor as a business tool.

Amanda C. Kooser

Web Sites Adapt to Mobile Access

With the mobile web changing, sites are getting ready to go.

Amanda C. Kooser

What's Push E-Mail?

Push e-mail is coming to a mobile device near you.

Amanda C. Kooser

Gettin' Hitched

Internet protocol and TV: a union that should only get better with time.

Mike Hogan

Technology to Look Forward to: Flexible Displays

Flexible display technologies will change the way you do business.

Amanda C. Kooser

Keep Up-to-Date With Business Tech

Consider these four tips when trying to stay current with today's ever-changing tech.

Chris Penttila

Growing Trend: Online Video

With online video growing fast, the need for a supporting cast of concepts is hard to kill.

Mark Henricks