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How Big Data Can Help Retail Sector Grow in India

The Indian retail sector is witnessing a noticeable shift towards an organised retail market from the conventional unorganised retailing in India.

Shikha Tara

Building a Brand in India? #7 Things you Must Breathe as a Business

High-quality storytelling, laced with smart wit, works wonders and start-up brands can grow word-of-mouth!

'Become Digital' if Not 'Born Digital'

Many retailers are reaching out to customers through offline channels such as stores as well as online avenues such as mobile apps and websites

Harsh Pamnani

Reverse - O2O To Fuel Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

The only challenge for these reverse O2O players will be logistics

Amit Daga

The Importance Of Offline Retail Presence In An Online World

While the popularity of online shopping has soared over the past few years, the value of an offline presence hasn't diminished.

Shahzad Bhatti

Why Web-based Startup Is a Better Idea than Opening an Offline Business Today

Setting up online ventures is extremely easy in most cases or significantly easier than setting up offline businesses

Manish Bhalla