Payments and Collections - Page: 12

Why You Need a Credit Policy

Clearly outlined credit procedures will protect your business when customers don't pay.

Michelle Dunn

· 3 min read

Getting Paid in a Bad Economy

5 tips to make sure you get paid and keep the cash flowing.

Michelle Dunn

· 2 min read

Pay Me!

How to get the money you're owned when no one seems to have any

Randy B. Hecht

· 10 min read

Don't Get Stiffed

Use these 4 simple steps to make sure you get paid.

Lydia Dishman

· 4 min read

Protect Your Business with Credit Insurance

Insuring your accounts receivables maybe a worthwhile investment.

Karin Price Mueller

· 3 min read

How to Negotiate With Your Creditors

Advice on protecting your interests by negotiating with creditors.

· 5 min read

Watch Your Step

If your client goes bankrupt, you could be the one to lose.

Jacquelyn Lynn

· 3 min read

Managing Your Personal and Business Credit

When you're a small-business owner, there's a delicate balance between your personal and business credit. Here are some smart tips for handling both effectively.

· 5 min read

Get People to Pay You Quickly

Make it easy for customers to pay your invoices, and you'll see your money sooner rather than later.

Keith Lowe

· 4 min read

The ABCs of Business Credit

Learn why it's important to establish a business credit report separate from your personal credit and just how to do it.

· 7 min read