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Deferred by Flipkart, These IIM-Graduates Could Find Solace With Paytm, Amazon and Other Startups

Will other startups be able to match the offer and job profiles that were offered by Flipkart?

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How Innovation In The Fintech Space Can Solve Basic Necessities Of Our Life

Move from cash to online payments could bring significant amount of discipline and regulation across tiers and help clamp down on corruption

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Tickle Your Funny Bone Entrepreneurs!

Deep within this entrepreneurial cloak, Vijay Shekhar Sharma is just an ordinary guy who believes in living in the moment and not taking life too seriously.

Here's How Paytm Is Preparing To Launch Its Payments Bank

Because they know technology is the key.

Investors Should Take A Bet On The Founder, says Paytm CEO

Invest in the driver, not the bus or the destination

Investors should take a bet on the founder

Invest in the driver, not the bus or the destination

Banks Wake Up To Fintech Startup Revolution

What is the reason for banks' recent attraction towards startups?

Paytm Launches Wi-Fi Pilot; Enables Free Internet For A Limited Duration

Strives to make digital payments more accessible for everyone
Startup Funding

Jugnoo raises $10 million in Series-B Of Fundraising

Paytm leads Series B Funding of $10 million for Jugnoo

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Paytm Expands Its Reach By Adding Travel Booking To Its Selling List

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Paytm is Trying its Deliveries from the Logistics unit of Flipkart

Paytm is using the delivery hand of Flipkart - what's happening?