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No Time for Self Care? Make Some With Your Online Calendar

We all know that self-care should be a priority. However, we become so consumed with life’s busyness and fast pace that we often neglect it. Self-care is essential in maintaining...

Abby Miller

Should You Have Full Meetings or a Quick Slack Chat?

Before COVID the question of whether you should have a full meeting or a quick slack chat would not even have been on the radar of issues needing to be...

Deanna Ritchie

Fall in Love This Month — With Your Online Calendar

Trying to balance work and life every day can become stressful. You also may find that your productivity suffers. Trying to do too much throughout the day without scheduling time...

John Hall

Ways to Have Some Fun While in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become a weekly or even daily affair for many professionals as firms have transitioned to entirely or partly remote work arrangements in the past several years. These...

Hunter Meine

Get More Done Using Your Calendar Mobile App

What’s the most significant barrier to your productivity? Most of us believe it’s the ability to manage both our time and workload. However, you need the right tools to stay...

John Rampton

Hybrid Work Will Continue to Exist Indefinitely

A study indicated that 66% of business executives consider restructuring office spaces to suit a more scattered, hybrid workforce. It seems that hybrid work will continue to exist indefinitely. Your...

Howie Jones

Avoid Distractions and Stay on Task With Microsoft Calendar Basics

We live in a fast-paced world fettered with constant distractions, news events, and shiny objects. How do you keep yourself from multi-tasking, going off course, and losing efficiency? And, how...

Angela Ruth

12 Happiness Hacks to Add to Your Calendar

What is happiness? Is it a feeling? Or, is it a state of being? The exact definition of happiness has been debated and evolved throughout history. But, regardless of what...

Deanna Ritchie

These Tech Products Will Help You Work Faster When You're on the Move

At home, in the office, on an airport layover, these products keep you logged in whenever you need to be.

Sal Vaglica

10 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Rules in 2022

Virtual meetings are a terrific method to engage with faraway prospects, customers, and colleagues. We are all getting used to virtual meeting etiquette — but here is a reminder. There...

Howie Jones

Share Your Availability on Calendar for All Occasions

This past Sunday, I went to my niece’s birthday. Her brother stole a toy that she was playing with at one point. I instinctively blurted out, “sharing is caring.” Since...

John Hall

Meet Tech’s Future With AI

“Zoom fatigue” refers to a mental overload that reduces productivity. Senior managers believe there is AI in the investment of meetings. The Stanford Virtual Human Interaction AI Lab studied the...

Hunter Meine