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The Home-Equity Credit Crunch (Opinion)

How home price declines have contributed to tight credit for small businesses.

Scott Shane

· 3 min read

How a Franchise Can Play the Real Estate Market

For some franchises, the depressed real estate market is an opportunity to renegotiate leases and focus on newly available sites.

Jason Daley

· 8 min read

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran on Bootstrapping a Growing a Business

Shark Tank judge and angel investor Barbara Corcoran describes how she grew the Corcoran Group, one sales person at a time. Starting from her couch, her real-estate firm eventually expanded to 1,000 people. Her bootstrapping followed a simple formula.

· 3 min read

Marathon Man: The Driving Force Behind a Community Revival

How one determined developer is helping restore the creative spirit of Nashville's downtown scene.

Jason Ankeny

· 4 min read

A New App Can Help You Find a Place to Work on the Road

A free service lets entrepreneurs on the move find a quiet, professional space to get some work done.

Dan O'Shea

· 3 min read

Three Franchise Trends to Watch in 2011

A forecast suggests good news may be ahead for the industry.

Jeff Elgin

· 4 min read

Understanding the Real Estate Cycle

With the right timing, a long-term investment can really pay off.

Greg Rand

· 3 min read

Create a Lasting Legacy

For real estate and design mogul Jeff Lewis, success is about longevity--sprinkled with a touch of control.

Justin Petruccelli

· 6 min read

If You Can't Flip It, Rent It

Ride out the housing market's downturn by extracting income from your property.

Danielle Babb

· 4 min read
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The Real Estate Deal

Shopping for a commercial real estate loan can be tricky. Here's what you need to stay balanced.

Crystal Detamore-Rodman

· 4 min read

Real Estate Opportunities

Get in on the next real estate boom, and grow by investing.

· 2 min read

Ready to Buy a Business Property?

While residential real estate slows, the commercial market remains fairly healthy. Is now the time to buy?

C.J. Prince

· 4 min read