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10 Questions to Ask When Determining Your Salary

These guidelines will help you settle on the right amount for you and your business.

Lisa Girard

· 7 min read

The Salary Dilemma: Should You Be Open About Employee Pay?

Deciding whether to be transparent about employee compensation can be tricky. But if your office gets talking, the choice is out of your hands. Here are three ways to handle the issue with care.

Victor Cheng

· 5 min read

Salary Negotiation Lessons From the NHL Lockout

Five tips to consider about employee pay based on the missteps of the hockey labor dispute.

Trevor Turnbull

Got Investors? Now, How to Handle Your Salary

Whether your investors are friends and family or VCs, here's a guideline on how to pay yourself as your startup grows.

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

For many small-business owners, the answer is probably more.

Randy Myers

· 5 min read

Five Painless Ways to Raise Prices this Year

With the economy still so uncooperative, how can you sell customers on a price raise? Here are a few ideas.

Carol Tice

Would You Give All Your Employees A Raise?

Raises have been few and far between in the past few years, but here's why Google gave all its workers a 10 percent raise this year.

Carol Tice

How to Budget Your Own Salary

Follow this guide to calculate how much to pay yourself.

Entrepreneur Staff

· 6 min read