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How to be a success on TikTok? This Go Viral Expert Shared His 14-Step Strategy To Be An Influencer

After adding several viral hits and almost 6 million followers, the Mexican producer and influencer José Andrés is an authority to give advice on how to stand out on TikTok.

Mairem Del Río

LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability: These are the most influential voices on green issues

This list recognizes the members of the professional social network who, through their content, inform others about the importance of the positive impact on our planet.

LinkedIn MX

They report a new global fall of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Meta's social networks

Users and Internet users worldwide are reporting failures in the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, now owned by Meta.

What will happen to my Facebook account now that Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta?

If you have doubts about the fate of your Facebook account now that it has changed its name to Meta, you are not alone.

Facebook struggles to keep young people interested in its app

The crown of the most popular social network has been contested since the last decade. However, it appears that Facebook is now in deep trouble.

New Telegram update: these are the 3 changes implemented by the rival WhatsApp app

The new Telegram update includes interesting changes to stickers, the streaming function and user privacy.

How to get your NTF profile on Twitter?

Twitter is in the process of creating a tab that shows users' NFTs. What is it about?

A Twitter user compares Zuckeberg's metaverse to a 'dystopian dictatorship' and Jack Dorsey responds

"Narrator ... they said" or a little more literal "Narrator. He was" wrote the CEO and co-founder of Twitter,

WhatsApp Business launches the new 'Collections' feature to organize your products and make shopping easier. See how it works.

The new 'Collections' feature in WhatsApp Business streamlines the sales process, makes it easier to find products and improves the customer experience. Here we tell you how to implement it.

Instagram will allow you to upload content from your computer

The social network announced new features and this is one of them.