Starting a Business - Page: 542

21 Quick Startup Fixes

Starting to think Murphy's Law was written just for you? Don't worry--these practical solutions should get you back on track fast.

Jacquelyn Lynn

· 9 min read

Roommate Wanted

Sharing space can conserve your start-up cash.

Jacquelyn Lynn

· 2 min read

Uncle Sam Wants You

Funding from the Small Business Innovation Research program

Julie B. Davis

· 2 min read

For Love Or Money?

Could The Beatles' "Money (That's All I Want)" be the theme song for today's young entrepreneurs? You be the judge.

Michelle Prather

· 8 min read

The Insiders

Four young entrepreneurs get down and dirty about the pains and pleasures of running their own businesses.

Gayle Sato Stodder

· 11 min read

Chic To Chic

Turn style into sales with a clothing-design company.

Pamela Rohland

· 10 min read

Fit to Print

The scoop on starting your own magazine

Pamela Rohland

· 8 min read

What's in a Name?

Possibly your entire image. Before you rush to get your product on the market, take the time to choose the right name.

Tomima Edmark

· 6 min read

Get the Last Laugh

...even when everyone says your business idea is crazy.

Jacquelyn Lynn

· 2 min read

Pamela Rohland

· 7 min read

On The Side

Finding a part-time business that's full of potential

Paul and Sarah Edwards

· 4 min read

Home Free

While their friends stick it out in corporate America, thousands of young entrepreneurs are heading home--today's hottest start-up spot.

Jeffery D. Zbar

· 13 min read