Starting a Business - Page: 561

Fishing for Customers

Reel in clients with these helpful marketing tips.

Kim T. Gordon

Evaluating Your Business Goals

Weighing the pros and cons of part- and full-time businesses

Gaining Interest

Get the lowdown on interest rates and how they affect your bottom line.

Ellen Rohr

They Got Spirit, Yes, They Do

With the help of Students in Free Enterprise, these students at Flagler College started two businesses.

Peter Kooiman

It's In the Mail

Learn how to start your own mail order business.

Steve Strauss

Money for Ownership?

You don't have to sell your soul to raise startup capital.

David Newton

Company Takeover

What you need to look for when buying an existing business

Carlotta Roberts

Home vs. Home Office

Lay down the rules, and you'll alleviate some of the friction that arises when home is where the heart <I>and</I> the business are.

Jeffery D. Zbar

In Good Company

Got a great idea but don't have the time to develop it yourself? Why not hire an invention marketing firm to turn your great idea into a great product?

Don Debelak

Keep Your Head

How to keep your homebased business running strong in the middle of a personal crisis

A League Of Their Own

Are you a woman looking to start a business of your own? Check out these funding sources.

Paul DeCeglie

They're Certifiable!

Need big bucks? Find accredited investors.