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Chaos Alert: Popular Indian Startup Founder in Legal Tussle Post Shutdown

Stayzilla has gotten entangled in a criminal case that has led to founder Yogi Vasupal's arrest.

Nidhi Singh

Can Startups Revive Manufacturing in India?

Will the emphasis on Make in India and digital economy boost start-ups in hardware and manufacturing domain?

Startup India: How has it helped Entrepreneurs Realize the Value of Innovation

"PM Modi himself has proved that he is an entrepreneur of the best kind by tackling the problem of converting India from an outsourcing hub into an innovation destination

Sneha Banerjee

Nirmala Sitharaman Launches UberPITCH 2016 Challenge For Women Entrepreneurs

"There are a lot of boards that lack women and it's not that we don't want them, but where are they?"

Ritu Kochar

Know What Goes Behind Getting 28 Crores As Funds

From being an ex-Google employee to donning different roles at Moglix, a conversation with Founder of Moglix, Rahul Garg

The Fundamental Flaw in all Indian startups

Why has this not been worked out till now by virtually all Indian startups?

Rustam Singh

Startup India: Where It Was And Where It Is Now

The Government of India envisages to improve the participation of entrepreneurs in the Startup India programme across the country.

Samiksha Jain

Another Boost To Modi's Startup Policy, No More Angel Tax

A corporate tax of 30% was levied on the angel investors which will now be removed.

Ritu Kochar

Make In India Vs Startup India

The current dry funding spell in the 'Startup India' might give a huge leeway to investors to scout for 'real' businesses in the 'Make in India'. In other words, would Make in India be the new 'sexy' for investors to bet on?

Sandeep Soni

Can Startups Give Boost To Indian Economy?

Indigenous startups will act as a major booster for the development and the progress of the Indian economy.

Karma Bhutia