Steve Jobs

Avoid This Major Leadership Blunder That Got Steve Jobs Ousted From Apple

Play your cards right if you want to retain control of your company and remain a leader people can respect.

Ted Wolf

7 Lasting Lessons I Learned from Steve Jobs, 10 Years After His Passing

It's been 10 years since the passing of iconic business legend and visionary Steve Jobs. Here's what I learned from him.

7 lecciones duraderas que aprendí de Steve Jobs, 10 años después de su fallecimiento

Han pasado 10 años desde el fallecimiento de la icónica leyenda empresarial y visionario Steve Jobs. Esto es lo que aprendí de él.

From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, Similar Personality Traits Emerge: How Do Yours Compare?

The entrepreneurial personality type has been rigorously studied, and experts have identified shared traits that typify who is (or isn't) cut out for entrepreneurialism.

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4 Lessons from Steve Jobs That Are Still Relevant 10 Years After His Death

Jobs' actions and words still help shape modern business practices and philosophy. Here are some of the more notable lessons you can learn from his life even now.

John Boitnott

4 lecciones de Steve Jobs que siguen siendo relevantes 10 años después de su muerte

Las acciones y palabras de Jobs todavía ayudan a dar forma a las prácticas y la filosofía empresarial modernas. Estas son algunas de las lecciones más notables que puede aprender de su vida incluso ahora.

John Boitnott

Why Steve Jobs's Passion for Calligraphy Is an Important Example for You

By intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally follow.

Douglas Crowe

Por qué la pasión de Steve Jobs por la caligrafía es un ejemplo importante para usted

Al ejercitar intencionalmente su músculo creativo, surgen naturalmente nuevas oportunidades.

Douglas Crowe

Steve Jobs' Most Famous Speech Is Totally Overrated. Here's Why.

Steve Jobs forgot to bring his personality to his famous Stanford speech.

Neil Gordon

How Steve Jobs' #1 Design Principle Can Transform Your Daily Life

Steve Jobs believed in simplicity. It's more powerful than you may think.

Greg McKeown

3 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Bruce Lee

Martial arts and building a business have more in common than you may think.

3 lecciones de emprendimiento de Bruce Lee

Las artes marciales y la construcción de un negocio tienen más en común de lo que piensas.