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Pros and Cons of the LLC Model

Want to form an LLC? Before you make your decision, consider the tax benefits--as well as the disadvantages.

David Meier

When Your Business Crosses State Lines

The legal and tax implications of doing business in more than one state

Cliff Ennico

Preparing Your IRS Forms 1099 and W-2

Who gets a 1099? Who gets a W-2? Here are questions and answers to your most common tax-form dilemmas.

Cliff Ennico

How the New Tax Laws Can Help You

Reduce your tax bill by incorporating appropriate changes into your tax planning for 2003.

David Meier

Planning Equipment Purchases to Your Tax Advantage

How to use depreciation and Section 179 asset expensing to deduct the cost of additional equipment for your business

David Meier

Do Tips Count as Income?

The IRS wrestles with restaurants over tip reporting and scores a big win.

Joan Szabo

The Terrible Truth About Tax ID Numbers

Clearing the confusion about where and how to get your very own tax ID number

Cliff Ennico

How Independent Are You?

You think you're freelancing. Your client thinks you're freelancing. But does the IRS?

11th Hour Tax-Saving Tips

5 ways to cut your tax bill in time for April 15

David Meier

Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

Save some dough by claiming these business deductions.

David Meier

The Pros and Cons of Internet Taxes

Two sides lay out their cases for whether Internet transactions should be taxed.