Developing Team Efficiency in the Post-Pandemic IT Landscape

There is no successful formula on how to manage a team and maximize its efficiency. But we can strive to improve as many processes as possible to achieve better results.

Andrei Kasyanau

The Shortage of Lab Space in the United States Is Stifling Innovation

A shortage of appropriate facilities and lab equipment to meet the needs and labor requirements of U.S. life sciences companies, joined with swiftly growing rent prices, many scientists are facing tough times.

Anton Lucanus

How One Startup Is Trying to Revolutionize the Low-Code/No-Code Industry

The CEO and co-founder of Zenity shares how his company is dedicated to governance and security for low-code/no-code applications.

Jessica Abo

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Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Changing the future of transactions to be more secure, transparent and efficient.

Justin Malonson

The Challenges of Optimizing Your Cloud Spend in 2022

There is a misconception that being in the "cloud" automatically means that you are saving money. In fact, in 2022, one of the top initiatives many companies seek to achieve is reducing cloud costs.

Steve Taplin

Into the Metaverse: How Digital Twins Can Change the Business Landscape

New businesses are emerging onto a playing field likely to be based, at least partially, in the metaverse. Digital twins powered by location intelligence will be a crucial foundation for companies navigating and working successfully within this space in the future.

Katie Decker

The Horrifying Problem With the Way Web Design and Development Is Taught

Most professional feedback on how to improve your website focuses on the technical, because that's what's taught. However, until your website communicates extremely well, the technical part doesn't matter.

Frank Wazeter

Future NFT Value Will Be About Utility, Not Just Collectibility

NFTs have the potential to be infinitely useful in many industries by increasing security and processing costs for transactions and providing a new platform for the gig economy to work through.

Jeff Jani

Tesla Cybertruck: First Production Delays, Now Restricted Regions

The Tesla Cybertruck garnered global attention upon its unveiling in 2019, but it has been in delayed production ever since. Now, the company is limiting reservations to North America.

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The Next Frontier For Healthcare: Blockchain, AR and VR

The medical industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies, but blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are changing that thought process.

Iman Bashir