Farmers Don't Have Enough Water. Can AI Help?

Precision agriculture - the use of technology like networked sensors and artificial intelligence - is helping farmers get by without the water they once had.

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Business Trends Entrepreneurs Must Know

The world of business and technology continues to grow and change at a feverish pace. Here's how to keep up.

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The 10 Best VPNs for Your Business on Sale

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Solving the No. 1 Issue of Our Time: Using Blockchain Technology to Scale Climate Action

The crypto-carbon space has a common goal: to prioritize investment into the planet above all else.

All Things Meta: Hype, Hope and Hard Work to Come in the NFT and Metaverse Space

Here's what we can expect when the hype around NFTs and the metaverse dies down.

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Building Sustainable Wealth Outside Of Legacy Banking: A New Model For A New Era

It's time for a new financial system that rewards all of its participants, not just a select few.

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Why Businesses Should Take a Cultured Approach to Data

Becoming data-driven is a cultural shift that has to be supported by technical progress, not the other way around.

Developing Team Efficiency in the Post-Pandemic IT Landscape

There is no successful formula on how to manage a team and maximize its efficiency. But we can strive to improve as many processes as possible to achieve better results.

Andrei Kasyanau

The Shortage of Lab Space in the United States Is Stifling Innovation

A shortage of appropriate facilities and lab equipment to meet the needs and labor requirements of U.S. life sciences companies, joined with swiftly growing rent prices, many scientists are facing tough times.

Anton Lucanus

How One Startup Is Trying to Revolutionize the Low-Code/No-Code Industry

The CEO and co-founder of Zenity shares how his company is dedicated to governance and security for low-code/no-code applications.

Jessica Abo

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