Tom Wheeler

FCC Adopts Tough Net Neutrality Rule in Historic Regulatory Shift

A raucous debate that has unfolded over the past year has concluded with what appears to be permanent protection of the Internet as open platform for entrepreneurs and free speech.

Peter Page

· 6 min read

On Net Neutrality, FCC Chairman Pushes for the 'Strongest Open Internet Protections Ever Proposed'

As expected, his proposed rules would ban ISPs from blocking and slowing down lawful Internet content and services.


· 1 min read

Internet Fast-Lanes Would Be Banned Under Planned FCC Proposal

FCC chair Tom Wheeler's expected proposal calls for regulating Internet service providers like utilities.

Tom Huddleston, Jr.

· 2 min read

FCC Chairman Hints at Support of Broadband Reclassification

Tom Wheeler's latest comments are being viewed as the strongest sign yet that he plans to sign with President Obama on strict net neutrality rules.


· 3 min read

Loss of Net Neutrality Risks a Less Friendly Internet for Entrepreneurs

The Internet where spunky startups have a real chance of toppling lumbering giants will be no more if net neutrality is killed by regulatory edict.

Phil La Duke

· 4 min read