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Three Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Smartphones and Tablets

Consider these options for extending the battery life of your mobile devices.

Jonathan Blum

· 4 min read

A Guide for Using Mobile Devices When Traveling Abroad

From roaming fees to pricey data plans, follow these tips to avoid getting a mobile bill that's more expensive than your airfare.

Jonathan Blum

· 5 min read

Get Out of Town With Wanderfly

This New York-based travel inspiration service offers recommendations that can send users packing.

Michelle Juergen

· 3 min read

A Business Traveler's Love-Hate Relationship with GPS

GPS is innovative and useful for showing you the way. Until it steers you wrong.

Bruce Schoenfeld

· 4 min read

Terminal Discomfort: Staying at an Airport Hotel

Once you check in to an airport hotel, can you ever leave? Um, yes. Just not fast enough. But not all are as bad as you might think. Our look at the five best airport hotels.

Bruce Schoenfeld

· 3 min read

A Business Traveler Vents His Rental Car Road Rage

While planning trips can be tedious, at least the reservation process is modernized. Unless, of course, you are renting a car.

Bruce Schoenfeld

· 3 min read

An Entrepreneur Brings Upscale Restaurants to Airports

The terminal case of sorry sandwiches that travelers must suffer through in most airports may finally be sent packing.

Bruce Schoenfeld

· 10 min read

Five Strategies for a Better Hotel Rate

Small-business owners making their own travel plans can have a hard time finding deals. These tips can help.

Dave Johnson

· 2 min read

Casual Friday: High-Tech Travel Tips

Practical--and impractical--advice for the casual traveler.

Darren Gladstone

· 8 min read

Travel Accessories for the iPod and iPhone

These add-ons for Apple gadgets, for the plane, car, and hotel room are cool--but are they worth the money?

James A. Martin

· 6 min read

The Web's Best Mapping Sites

At the top map services, driving directions are just the beginning.

Steve Bass

· 15+ min read

Hotel Web Sites

Need accommodation? Here is a list of major hotel chains to check out.

· 1 min read