UNION BUDGET 2021: Page 2

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RBI To Explore the Need For Digital Currency

While releasing a booklet, the central bank noted that private digital currencies/virtual currencies/cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years

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Here's What the Logistics Sector Expects From the Union Budget

The logistics sector was praised for its undeterred spirit during the lockdown

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Here's What Edtechs Expect From the Union Budget

The edtech community, which witnessed a great degree of change due to the government's New Education Policy, will read between the lines from the Budget documents

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Enable the Creation Of a High-Trust, High-Performance Economy

The bridge between reality and ambition comprises three pillars: enabling consumption to drive demand, investment to create wealth and healthy financial habits to manage wealth


Expectations From the Education Sector

The budget allocation for the education sectors should be increased by at least 9-10 per cent compared with the previous year