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10 User Experience Design Trends You Need to Know About in 2019

You might already know about augmented reality, but do you know about foldable phones and three-dimensional design?

Nathan Sinnott

Facebook vs Google and the Future of App Development

Flutter and React Native are next-level opportunities.

Rahul Varshneya

Why is There No Discovery Interface in Healthcare?

The problem lies in the way the sector functions

Grace Park

Is Smart UI the Next Big Thing for Personalized Banking in an Experience Economy?

Smart UIs would become a must-have feature than a nice to have feature because in a world where the lives of people are played out through the screen of a mobile device

Sudhir Babu

Five Ways to Stay Ahead of Competition in Growing E-commerce Market

With over 4.1 internet users in India, the opportunities in the sector are aplenty. Here's how you can make sure your business remain successful.

How ChatBots have Become More 'Personalized' and Less 'Robotic'

ChatBots create a bond between people and technology, which these days are almost done by Artificial Intelligence

Neha Modgil

Why Building for Voice Commerce is Imperative for Brands and Businesses

Voice is a revolutionary technology in the making, a crucial cornerstone in erecting an edifice for IOT driven smart homes and cities

Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your Start-up?

A small yet very important factor for an entrepreneur is to pay careful attention to all legal compliances while starting or even terminating a venture

Kinzal Jalan