Women Entrepreneurs - Page: 98

Is Your Business Taking Over Your Marriage?

How three entrepreneur couples balance romance and the passion for their business.

Jason Fell

· 4 min read

A Marketer Coaches Online Daters on Personal Branding

A marketing expert turns her skills to the dating scene with a website that advises love-seekers on how to impress.

Jennifer Wang

· 2 min read

The Mommy Market

A look at inspiring Mompreneurs and their homegrown businesses.

· 6 min read

What I Learned at Entrepreneur Boot Camp

An aspiring business owner gets a crash course in the essentials for running a company.

Eileen P. Gunn

· 4 min read

The Misadventures of Venture Capital

Women have to succeed in the venture capital game to become true economic influencers.

Maddy Dychtwald

· 7 min read

Business Endures By Staying True to Its Vision

On her 25th anniversary, Susan Stern reflects on the secrets of her success.

Susan Stern

· 9 min read

Stroller Strides: Driven by Motherhood

Lisa Druxman's fitness franchise has grown even faster than her children.

Aliza Sherman

· 4 min read

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: The Key to Employee Loyalty

Cash bonuses might make employees happy, but regular praise and communication make them loyal.

Nina Kaufman

· 4 min read

How to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Use these nine tips to do what you love and find a company willing to foot the bill.

Eve Gumpel

· 6 min read

Hiring? Don't Stop at the Interview

Make sure you gather all the data at your disposal and analyze it properly.

Cari Sommer and Lauren Porat

· 6 min read

Get Rich Off Your Million-Dollar Idea

It's not geniuses who come up with inventions. It's normal people who see a better way to do things.

Wendy Robbins

· 5 min read

Tap Multi-Influential Referral Power

5 steps will help you turn your customers into referral sources.

Miriam Muley

· 7 min read