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Young Entrepreneurs


What the 2012 Presidential Election Can Teach Startups About Finding a Niche

Unlike in a presidential election where candidates look to ply their message to anyone and everyone, the best way to market a cash-strapped startup is to be direct.

4 Steps to Creating Buzz on a Shoestring Budget

When marketing a startup, a leaner more directed approach is often best. Here's a four-step process.
Growth Strategies

Want to Make Key Industry Contacts? Tap Into Local Resources

Student entrepreneur Franco Capurro on how he managed to attract a top-notch board of advisers.

Building a Market and a Vision for a New Kind of Tea

In this installment of Young ­Visionaries, social entrepreneur Dan MacCombie describes his vision for producing a different kind of tea and supporting indigenous farmers in South America.

United By Blue and Its Vision for Clothing and Clean Waterways

In this installment of Young Visionaries, social entrepreneur Brian Linton describes his vision for apparel that can help clean up the waterways.

Charity Water and Its Vision for Clean Water

In this installment of Young Visionaries, social entrepreneur Scott Harrison describes his vision for helping bring clean water to those in need.
Entrepreneurs A Vision for Supporting Teachers and Students

In this installment of Young Visionaries, social entrepreneur Charles Best describes his vision for helping individuals fund unique opportunities for learning within the nation's public schools.

Warby Parker and Inspired Vision

In this installment of Young Visionaries, social entrepreneurs David Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal describe their vision for sharp eyewear for the developed and the developing world.

Krochet Kids International: A Vision for Helping Women Help Themselves

In this installment of Young Visionaries, social entrepreneurs Stewart Ramsey and Kohl Crecelius describe their vision for teaching women in the developing world skills so they can earn a living.
Run a Better Business

Why Mid-Year Tax Reviews Are a Must for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Waiting until the end of the year to get your books in order can be a losing gamble. Consider knocking out those year-end anxieties now.
Starting a Business

How to Balance a Fulltime Job With Starting Up

Startup expert Rebekah Iliff says digging in, making sacrifices and putting in the appropriate time is critical.
Starting a Business

Not a Superhero Entrepreneur? You'll Still Need a Sidekick

Business is nothing like comic books or the movies, but having sidekick when the going gets tough can't hurt. This Halloween, consider finding the Robin to your Batman.
Starting a Business

How to Be an Entrepreneur at Your Day Job

3 tips to keep your motivation to start your own business alive while working to making ends meet.
Project Grow

Want to Nurture Creativity Among Employees? Assign Crazy.

Not every company can become the next Apple or Google, but if you want to give it a go, utilize one of your best assets: employees. Here are nine tips for inspiring creative thinking.

How the Young Founder of Apprenda Landed $16 Million from Albany, N.Y.

Thirty-year-old Sinclair Schuller is hoping that his company's prowess in big data will continue to land big funding.