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Chris Brogan on Using Video to Market Your Business

When people surf the web for what you sell, whether or not they find you right away is affected by your online presence – and that includes video. Popular blogger Chris Brogan explains the importance of video for entrepreneurs trying to enhance brand awareness and grow their companies.

"If [businesses] aren't already thinking about what they're going to do with video, that's going to impact their search results. People are going to YouTube for everything now," says Brogan, president of Human Business Works, a small-business education and growth company. "YouTube is serving billions of videos a month, at this point. When you buy a new product and you're like, 'Gee, I'm not sure I understand how I'm using it.' You can find a how-to video that a user of the product -- not the company -- has shot."

In this video, Brogan also shares an example of how Lululemon's inventive approach to YouTube led to a viral video and greater exposure for the brand. Aside from YouTube, Brogan suggests business owners have a presence on at least one other video platform, such as Viddler, Vimeo or Brightcove.

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