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Social Media

How to Earn the Trust of Facebook Fans

As an entrepreneur on Facebook, you'll need to earn the trust of Facebook fans to keep them and grow your business through social media. One way to do that is to find ways to get your fans to rely on you for expertise, according to Jason Falls, author and CEO of Louisville, Ky.-based Social Media Explorer, a social media marketing, digital marketing and public relations consulting service.

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Falls suggests starting a Facebook group that's not focused on your company, but on topics of interest in your industry. Ask questions of the group and start discussions. 

"What will happen is that the people who are interested in those topics will gravitate to that group," Falls says. "You're the group administrator so all of the sudden you become the thought leader among that group of people. Well, who are they going to call when they're ready to buy what you sell? They're probably going to call you or at least you'll be in the consideration set because you're providing that value online."

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