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Chris Brogan on Using Pinterest for Business

Just when you thought you had a good grasp on social media, along comes another fast-growing social network that entrepreneurs are finding useful to reach potential customers. Pinterest, a visual-bookmarking site has quickly gained traction -- particularly among women – and it can be important for business owners, according to popular blogger Chris Brogan.

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"The way it's used is other people come and look at that board or they're searching in general for something," say Brogan, president of Human Business Works, a small-business education and growth company. "And they'll re-pin – which means I'll take what this person shared and put it on my board – to think about buying it later, so then this becomes a reminder for commerce."

Before small-business owners approach Pinterest though, Brogan says it's important to think about sharing information and pictures that go beyond just your own products.

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"You see things you like and you pin them and it adds them to [an online] board and it's sort of a visual of things you find interesting," he says. "There are a lot of businesses already seeing revenue value in it."

In this video, Brogan shares examples of business owners finding success reaching customers through Pinterest.

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