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Jason Falls on Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

The biggest mistake business owners make on Facebook fan pages is similar to mistakes on other social sites: "It's way too me-focused," says Jason Falls, author and CEO of Louisville, Ky.-based Social Media Explorer, a social media marketing, digital marketing and public relations consulting service. "It's way too much, 'Look at me. Look at my stuff. Here's my catalog.' But people are not interested in your catalog, they're interested in your expertise."

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Falls suggests the following ways entrepreneurs can approach their company's Facebook page and start to attract fans.

1) Ask interesting questions.

2.) Share links to interesting content.

3.) Encourage your fans to share pictures, videos or experiences that relate to your brand.

"Nobody wants to deal with a person who is constantly talking about themselves. They want to deal with people who are more interested in talking about what they want," Falls says. "If you can project that through your activity on Facebook, you're going to grow followers and they're going to be more invested in what you're doing there, and more friendly with your business."

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