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Reinventing Retail: How One Owner Is Making Her Boutique Tell a Story

It can be easy to take retail shops for granted. Many are, after all, very similar. But even when something that's been done to death like a retail store can be new and innovative in the right hands.

Long-time marketing consultant Rachel Shechtman, recently launched Story, a retail shop in New York that attempts to tell a cohesive story each month by using an ever-changing array of online and offline products. Like a magazine, the Story store follows a specific monthly theme, and it attracts advertisers, or sponsors, also like a magazine. For instance, February's theme was Love, which was sponsored by the dating site Nerve. The March theme is Color and the store is sponsored by Benjamin Moore.

Before officially launching in February, Story was in beta for roughly one month when it went by the name "A Startup Store." Over that period, well-known startups like Quirky and Birchbox were featured in the shop. Note that if you're planning a visit, wait until March 21, as Story switches over to its new theme.

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