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HomeAway Co-founder on Risks and Rewards of Super Bowl Ads

For entrepreneurs considering a big bet with commercials during major TV events, there's much to consider. Super Bowl ads, in particular, are one of the priciest gambles you can take  in your branding efforts. HomeAway Co-founder says he's taken his share of risks, some resulting in big rewards, when he chose to advertise during the NFL's biggest game. 

In this 'Trep Talk Extra, Sharples shares his experiences as a two-time advertiser in the big game -- and offers lessons other entrepreneurs can learn from. 

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HomeAway, the global online vacation rental marketplace, was founded in 2005 and quickly expanded globally. After 17 acquisitions, the Austin-based company went public last year and lists more than 640,000 rental properties in 168 countries. Annual revenues totaled $230.2 million in 2011.