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3 Ways Gamification Can Make Marketing More Fun

Adding game elements to traditional marketing campaigns can help make them more interesting and engaging. Expert Gabe Zichermann offers examples of how these three well-known companies used gamification in their campaigns and saw big results:

1. Nike Plus: An online community for runners that encourages competition between users. "One of the most interesting elements … is hearing Lance Armstrong congratulate you on a great run," Zichermann says.

2. Chase Picks Up the Tab: By using a Chase debit card, winners get a text from Chase saying the company paid for a particular purchase. It makes a "boring" interaction such as swiping a debit card more fun.

3. Jimmy Choo's scavenger hunt: The popular women's shoemaker hid six pairs of shoes in London. The person who checked in closest on Facebook won that pair of shoes. Some 20,000 people participated in the hunt, Zichermann says.

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