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Fresh Founders on Packaging a Product for Success

When you're introducing your products to consumers, packaging is an important consideration in branding your product in the marketplace. But you must think beyond aesthetics alone, according to Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, founders of Fresh. In this 'Trep Talk Extra, they share their insights on how packaging fits in the process of building a successful brand.

With $10,000 borrowed from their parents, the husband-and-wife team opened their first store, Nuts About Beauty, in 1991. They then changed the name to Fresh and launched a line of artisanal soaps. Today, Fresh beauty products have expanded to include skincare, haircare, bodycare, makeup and fragrances sold around the world through Fresh stores and other high-end retailers. In 2000, the couple partnered with French luxury goods giant LVMH Group, which is now majority owner. The pair remains as co-presidents.

With their products sold through 15 Fresh stores and 400 retail distribution outlets, the global brand continues to hold cache in the beauty industry after more than two decades. 

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