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How JackThreads Plans to Own the Male Demographic

Women aren't the only ones who enjoy shopping without going into sticker shock. Considering that more than 1.8 million men have signed up for JackThreads, a flash-sale site for off-price menswear, it would seem that guys like it too.

When JackThreads founder Jason Ross grew frustrated by never being able to find the brands he liked at a discount, he wondered: Why are these services available to women but not to men? In 2006, he set out to resolve that question, which two years later gave birth to JackThreads, a fashion-buying site for men. Today, the service sends a daily email to its membership, announcing five to seven new short-term sales of off-price or excess merchandise.

Though the site made progress initially, it didn't really take off until 2010 when Ross teamed up with the founders of Thrillist, an email newsletter for men. That put JackThreads on the map in front of many, many more potential users. And today, the company expects to reel in $50 million in revenue from the flash-sale stalwart.

Still, the competition from sites like Gilt Groupe and other flash-sale sites is stiff these days. Here's how Ross keeps his company focused on growth regardless.

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