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Birchbox and Changing the Way We Shop

Sick of wasting money on eye shadow that wears off in no time or beauty creams that cause breakouts? So are Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp.

While attending Harvard Business School, Barna and Beauchamp dreamed up the idea for Birchbox, a cosmetics-and grooming-products subscription service in New York. For $10 a month, members receive a new monthly shipment of four to five different samples at their door.

In addition to landing nearly $12 million in venture capital, the founders recently welcomed their hundred-thousandth female subscriber. And the company just launched a service for men.

But it hasn't all been easy breezy for the under-30 founders. With more than 60 employees today, the two have struggled with how to build their business and bring each and every employee along for the ride. Articulating their vision for the company would need to be more formal. The founders of Birchbox fill us in on how they manage it all.

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