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3 Tips for Optimizing Video for Search

The days of simply shooting, editing and posting video online are over. In order to get your video seen by the most people possible, business owners should pay attention to critical elements of video search engine optimization (SEO). Here, Search Engine Land editor Danny Sullivan offers three important tips:

1. Get your videos on YouTube. Behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the U.S. Instead of simply posting videos to your company's website, create a branded YouTube channel and post your videos there to tap into the site's organic traffic.

2. Use video sitemaps. A sitemap essentially gives Google information about video content on your site. "Metadata," such as titles, descriptions and tags can help search engines spot your videos for search queries.

3. Be social. Instead of simply posting a video and hoping that people will watch it, take a more proactive approach. Promote your videos to your networks over sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The more people share and leave comments on those videos, the more it can factor into search results.

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