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Finding Zen in a Hectic City

In this Thought Leaders video series, we take a look at where today's game changers find inspiration.

Jason Franklin is the executive director of Bolder Giving, a New York nonprofit that counsels individuals on how to incorporate philanthropy into their lives or entrepreneurial efforts. Bolder Giving's website features stories of people who have given a good chuck of their income to charity -- the idea is that those stories might inspire others to give as well, Franklin says. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has credited Bolder Giving, in part, with inspiring it to develop the Giving Pledge, where billionaire entrepreneurs pledge to give away half of their fortunes. 

Franklin, who is also a professor philanthropy at New York University, says he is personally inspired whenever he visits New York City's Rubin Museum. He's able to leave behind the noise and chaos of the city when he spends time in the quiet galleries, which feature Himalayan art. The museum is also the perfect example of philanthropy in action: healthcare entrepreneur Donald Rubin and his wife, Shelley, who amassed the collection, founded the art center so that others could enjoy it, too. 

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