New App Reinvents the 'Like'

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Vowch looks to revolutionize online recommendations by putting true personalization behind endorsing what you like. Vowch combines Facebook’s social, shareability with Twitter’s scrolling newsfeed. Users can search through Vowch’s seemingly endless catalog of things to like and start their own vouching or look for specific products they're interested in to see what the “vowch” crowd has to say about them.

Vowch is a newcomer to the social media app marketplace, with opportunities for both early adopters and market researchers. Vowch keeps track of the sequence of likes. So if you're the first to like your local coffee shop, you’ll be able to show people later on that you were the trendsetter, a concept that hasn't yet been capitalized on in the recommendations space. For market researchers, the app provides another way to keep a finger on the pulse of a brand, service or product, tracking buzz in real time.

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