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Try This Calendar App to Keep Your Crazy Schedule Straight

For a lot of time-strapped entrepreneurs, iPhone’s native calendar isn’t up to snuff. Serial entrepreneur Scott Gerber is one of them. Instead, he entrusts his hectic schedule to Flexibits’ Fantastical 2, a popular paid calendar solution that he says is faster, more intuitive and more fully featured.      

In this video, the New York City-based Young Entrepreneur Council founder talks about the reasons he and his team lean on Fantastical 2.

With its simple DayTicker tool, the $9.99 iOS 7 optimized app (available for Mac, iPhone and iPad) lets users instantly visualize the day’s schedule and get a quick grip on where they need to go and what they need to accomplish when.

Fantastical gives Siri a run for her money when it comes to dictating new calendar events and reminders. If you want to remind yourself to update your LinkedIn profile every other Tuesday, simply tell the app that via voice command and it will automatically set it up in your calendar on a biweekly basis, no thumb strokes required.

Other cool features include event keyword search, swipe-based event editing and deletion, social media birthday message integration (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), maps for events with addresses and more.


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