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Why Franchises Have Discovered Food Trucks

When even sit-down dining institutions like TGI Fridays are hitting the road with food trucks, it’s undeniable that the trend has spread to the franchise world in a major way. 

Enter The Original Soupman. Having risen to prominence with the now-infamous shout-out on Seinfeld, a business that started as a single Manhattan storefront has spun off into a $2.38 million business that includes franchises and a line of packaged soups at grocers and stores like Wal-Mart.

While franchises are still just a fraction of the company’s revenues, CEO Lloyd Sugarman explained in this video from last year’s International Franchise Expo how souped-up franchised trucks could create a low-cost option for entrepreneurs and help the brand grow. This year, the SoupMobile venture will be championed by former athlete Shaquille O'Neal as the company’s partner and strategic adviser. 100 additional vehicles are planned by 2019. 

Food trucks could provide an important pivot for food businesses of any type. Watch Sugarman discuss the initiative in greater detail in this video. 


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