25 Traits Thriving Entrepreneurs Share

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Entrepreneurs have different backgrounds, interests, education levels and leadership styles but no matter where you start out, all successful business owners have these traits in common. Don't worry if these qualities don't come naturally to you. You can always learn to develop skill sets by being mindful of your weaknesses and setting goals each day to improve on them.

Below are 15 traits successful entrepreneurs have. For the remaining 10, check out the video above. 

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  1. Passionate. Do what makes you happy. You can make all the money in the world, but it won't amount to much if you hate going to work in the morning.
  2. Committed.  If you don't take your business seriously, then no one else will either.
  3. Organized. A good entrepreneur makes plans, understands they can change but doesn't leave things to chance.
  4. Fiscally responsible. Financial planning is key to starting up and charting your company's progress.
  5. Initiator. Marketing, advertising and social media are big part of making your product and services appealing, but you have to always actively ask customers to make the investment in your company.
  6. Empathetic. Understand who buys your services and products and get to know them better than the competition.   
  7. Self-promoter. Network any chance you get, but read a room and don't be an irritant. 
  8. Memorable. Try to make a great first impression. When starting up, your spotless reputation and positive image are some of your greatest assets.
  9. Appreciative. Tell your employees and your customers how much you value them often.
  10. Forward thinker. It is important to understands the importance of technology and how staying on the cusp of new innovations can help propel your company forward. When you're starting up, the presentation of a great website can go a long way.
  11. Team builder. You need to have the ability to hire smart, as your team is a reflection of your vision and the company's success.
  12. Skilled. Being a go-to person in an area of expertise can help get the word out about your business fast.   
  13. Competitive. Know what sets you apart from the big businesses and make it your signature.
  14. Learner. You need to have a thirst for knowledge. Books, articles, lectures, classes, anything you can do to better yourself will help your company grow.
  15. Approachable. It is important to be available to your employees and customers, but you also need to remember to take some time off for yourself and delegate. Otherwise, that welcoming demeanor may just disappear.

We want to hear from you, what do you think great business owners have in common?

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