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Advice for Entry-Level Employees: How to Be Authentic in the Workplace

Caroline Ghosn was once one of the youngest employees at McKinsey & Co., where she discovered that not even an Ivy League education prepared her for navigating the consulting firm's competitive environment. She admits that she found its culture overwhelming.

There she met Amanda Pouchot and the duo later founded Levo. The NYC-based company with local chapters across the country offers an online mentorship and information platform for Gen Y-ers who want to excel in the workplace. Users often ask Levo's community of online mentors, which includes overachievers like Warren Buffett, Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton, how young workers can add value to their companies despite a lack of experience.

In this video, Ghosn shares how to capitalize on being at the early stage of your career, why it's your duty to voice opinions at your first job and how to use youth as a professional asset. (Hint: There's no need to downplay your age.)

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