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The Overlooked Advertising Opportunity Small Businesses Should Not Miss

The potential for enormous traffic and cheap pay-per-click rates are the two forces that make YouTube an effective tool for delivering compelling video ads to a target audience, says Mike Rhodes, co-author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWordsAnd yet, the medium is "massively" underutilized, he says.

The format is "incredibly cheap" and therefore useful for small-business owners, says Rhodes, the founder of digital consulting firm WebSavvy. In fact, advertisers don't get charged unless the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad. Startups on a tighter budget could skip video production costs and not post any moving images at all to make use of YouTube advertising, he adds. 

In this Google Hangout, Rhodes discusses what every entrepreneur should know before launching a first YouTube ad campaign. To learn more, read the latest column from Rhodes, as well as co-authors Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, who share the 5 Simple Steps to Get Your YouTube Ad Campaign Up and Running.


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