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Think Big to Build Long-Term Credibility With Clients

To gain a reputation as an agency of big thinkers, recognize when it's appropriate to "surrender the square peg," says Gabrey Means, co-founder of San Francisco-based Grow Marketing.

Since co-founding the engagement marketing shop in 2001, she has run into instances when the agency didn't have the best solution or wasn't the right fit for a client's needs. She and co-founder Cassie Hughes have developed a protocol for these situations. One potential step involves handing off the lead position on a campaign to another expert -- a move she says brings more reward than risk.

"More business will come. It's OK to say no," Means says.

In this Google Hangout, the entrepreneur discusses how bringing other like-minded firms to the table can create an amazing client experience while building long-term credibility for your company's brand.

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