The Most Outrageous Thing Grant Cardone Did to Get Attention

You can build it but that doesn't mean people will come. You can have a super idea for a product or service, but without attention, the revenues and growth and success will never materialize. As an entrepreneur, you need to generate awareness about your company and dominate your industry.

No one knows this better than sales expert Grant Cardone. In his recent article, "Businesses Die in Obscurity. Do All You Can to Gain Attention," Cardone says there are two questions entrepreneurs need to answer to be successful in creating attention for your company:

1. How far will you go to get attention?
2. How frequent will you be in your attempts?

In the short video above, Cardone tells us about the most outrageous thing he's done to generate attention for him and his brand. You might call it a publicity stunt. Cardone says it's doing whatever it takes.

So, how far are you willing to go to get attention for your startup?

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