Don't Settle for Your Backup Plan: Weekly Tips Roundup

We know it's tough for entrepreneurs to stay abreast of the latest tips and ideas. We've done the hard work for you with this weekly roundup of our favorite tricks and strategies:

  • Arman Assadi of warns that having a backup plan may be the first step toward settling. Are you relying too heavily on Plan B?
  • Successful people steer clear of these sayings, according to Sujan Patel.
  • And digital expert Eric Siu shares how he helped a client grow revenues by more than $6 million over eight months -- solely by using this overlooked advertising opportunity.

And the quote of the week comes from Tatyana McFadden who won the women's wheelchair division at the New York City Marathon this Sunday. In an interview with ESPN, she recounted falling from her wheelchair during the race -- but that didn't stop the U.S. champ: 

"That was my fault ... It was quite embarrassing, but I owned it at that moment, and I got back in and took one look behind me to make sure the girls didn't catch me, and I just continued with my way up that last hill right before the finish."


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