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Don't Do These 3 Things When Launching a Startup

Perhaps due to the well-known high failure rate of new businesses, many aspiring entrepreneurs find themselves ingrained with advice that, while intending to be helpful, actually prohibits their startups from getting off the ground. Before they know it, they’ve spent years planning a business that doesn’t exist or launching one that shouldn't exist.

There are some whose ideas have taken off, however, and they’re here to get you past the hang ups. Brittany Hodak, co-founder of entertainment company ZinePak, recently spoke with three entrepreneurs at the Empact Showcase, an annual event this year held at the United Nations that celebrates young founders. These three entrepreneurs were also featured in Entrepreneur's "30 Startups to Watch" list this year.

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In a roundtable discussion, the group talked about the advice they received that did more harm than good. Watch this short video to learn how Jesse Lear of V.I.P. Waste Services, Jonathon Nostrant of ivee and Grace Ng of Javelin pushed past the misconceptions to find success. Learn from their mistakes to save yourself time.

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