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The Best Thing I've Delegated -- and What it Taught Me

You can’t do it all. And while it can be hard to let certain tasks go, sometimes you need to step back and let someone else take the reins. Says Noreen Bishop, a Chase banking executive, the hesitation to delegate is “one of the biggest barriers to growth.” We asked a panel of women business leaders about the best projects they’ve delegated. Here are two of the main lessons delegation has taught them.

  1. Your company depends on it. Running a business and customer service simultaneously was a challenge, says Angelle Albright, founder of Chemo Beanies, a maker of headscarves for women undergoing cancer treatment. But delegation freed her so she could truly run and develop her business.
  2. Someone else can do it better. Selecting which jobs her metalsmithing firm would pursue was a time-consuming task that Living Design Studios founder Jessica Adams thought only she could do. But she let a junior staffer take on the responsibility and that team member created a repeatable system she would not have imagined on her own that the company has built on and continues to use.

Learn more about delegation in this short video.

This article is editorial content and reflects the opinions of its participants.

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